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123 Number Fun is the brain child of Popular Children's Author Jane Hague. Jane first developed Tilly's Tables flash cards to help middle and senior primary students learn the multiplication tables. ( 123multiplication.com ) However, Jane soon realised through conversations with parents and teachers that there were very few multi sensory resources for helping younger learners with basic counting skills.


Initially Jane created Number Fun Flash cards to help pre school children master counting from 1 to 20, the flash cards are based on ten number characters starting with Robot Zero and finishing with Nun Nine. The characters provide a effective means for linking a number to a tangible image and formed a pre-curser to a range of short stories for kids that explore how numbers are used in everyday activities.


Stories From Number Town


Stories From Number Town is a series of ten children's books specifically aimed at combining children's literature with basic maths skills. Starting with basic number recognition, counting, sequences, shape and solving simple problems.


Stories From Number Town were first published on the Apple App Store in the Children Book category in February 2011 with first children's short story: The Great Snail Race - A story about Little Tilly Two. In the following three months Jane published a further four kids stories including: A Very Busy Week, The Harvest Festival and 123 Shape Up Number Town. Several Children's Picture Book review sites and have described Stories from Number Town as the "Best Children's Book Series" and in May 2011 Apple awarded 123 Shape Up Number Town with a place in the much coveted "New & Noteworthy" section on the App Store.


Number Fun Flash Cards and Stories from Number Town paper back books will soon be available in our shop.


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