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The Great Snail Race

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“The Great Snail Race - A Story about Little Tilly Two”


“Hello I’m Little Tilly Two". We had The Great Snail Race at Number Town School this week. Come and read about the race and find out who came First, Second and Third. “The Great Snail Race focuses on the number two represented by me, Little Tilly Two. ISBN 978-0-9806737-5-3

Trouble at Trio Farm

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“Trouble at Rio Farm - A Story about Farmer Freda Three”


“Trouble at Trio Farm”: Farmer Freda Three lives at Trio Farm and sells fruit and vegetables from her farm shop, but one day a four legged thief broke into the shop and ate most of her apples and turnips. Help Ernie Eight the Policeman and Freda solve the mystery of the missing fruit and vegetables. and look for the hidden number 3 on each page. ISBN 978-0-9806737-6-0

A Very Busy Week

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“A Very Busy Week - A Story about Nurse Trixie Six”


Bon jour, my little ones. I'm Nurse Trixie Six and I am busy, busy, busy! I look after all the people in Number Town. So many people are sick in Number Town this week. Come and count how many patients I see and look for the hidden number 6 on each page. ISBN 978-0-9806737-3-9

Shape Up Number Town

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“Shape Up Number Town - A Story about Sally Seven the Sports Star”


Shape Up Number Town is a fun story about being fit and healthy while also introducing the concept of “time” and how “time” relates to every day activities. This book also incorporates an interactive clock face to help you child with learning how to tell the time. ISBN 978-0-9806737-9-1

The Harvest Festival

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“The Harvest Festival - A Story about Nun Nine”


Hello, my dears, i'm Nun Nine. I have been busy preparing for the annual Harvest Festival. Come count how many different types of food I have collected and look for the hidden number 9 on each page. ISBN 978-0-9806737-4-6

Tilly's Tables Multiplication Flash Cards
Tilly's Tables Multiplication Flash Cards - Buy Now

Struggling with multiplication tables?


"Are your children struggling with the Multiplication Tables? Do they find it boring and frustrating?" Now there is a quick and easy way, and best of all: it's FUN!.....


Tilly's Tables Multiplication Flash Cards are based on 11 fun characters who get into all sorts of situations: colorful illustrations combined with a short story create a number image in your child's imagination making the times tables easy to remember.


Independent Review:


We at Kids Book Review love anything that can help children learn and these brand new times table flashcards are just the ticket for skills in numeracy.Read More


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